Saturday 21 July 2018
United We Strike
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why?

Well unfortunately it appears I am more ill than I thought, and need to focus on healing and repairing. It is with a sad heart that I announce the ending of the United We Strike Marathons, and I don't see them returning in the future.

I will periodically update my blog page and the chat with news links, and want to encourage you to check out as well as

Thank You for your time,

Namaste, karen



Click Here To Find Out more about the history of Captain Charles Boycott and the companies that people should Boycott

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Karen's Blog

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What is the Radio Marathon all about?

The United We Strike radio marathon is about educating people about what global corporate companies are doing. Click on the links below to find out more.

How Strikes Work

Find out how strikes and boycotts work

United We Strike Purposes

Find out the reasons why we have to boycott and strike against these corporate companies.

Refusal To Work

What if MILLIONS of US refused to work?

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