Saturday 21 July 2018
United We Strike
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why?
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1) First the Workers (WE the PEOPLE) must  list grievances, state demands, and call for negotiations.

2) Then the workers set a timetable for negotiations

3) If government/management fail to respond, then a meeting of the Workers is called,in order to vote on whether or a not a cessation of work is necessary in order to negotiate.

4) Here is where Striker's have traditionally organized marches and picket lines, and employees are given the option to participate or not. NOT what UWS recommends! Leaving Your home and YOUR Family vulnerable is unacceptable. THIS is when Violence can happen, HOWEVER THE VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS, ALL WAYS SANCTIONED BY GOVERNMENT WHO'VE TRAINED US TO GO AGAINST OUR OWN BEST INTERESTS! Whether through provocateurs, Pinkerton's, National Guard, Police, or Military; THOSE IN UNIFORM are brainwashed into subduing their own, obeying orders that cause harm. On Strike

5) Eventually, through this process, agreements are made, however the government backs profit, forgetting their own origins, since governments were set up "BY and FOR the PEOPLE". "WE the PEOPLE" are trapped through paperwork in this "LEGAL" yet "UNLAWFUL" economic conquest.

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