Saturday 21 July 2018
United We Strike
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why?

The original goal of United We Strike was to get millions of People to understand their individual and collective power, and to choose Unity and Purpose on the same day, the 15th, to go on Strike, all around the world. By this we didn't mean to march and picket, but to stay home, and take stock of what you and your family have, while planning on how to survive natural and man made catastrophes. Leaving your home leaves it as well as your family vulnerable, and with Soro's paid provacueters waiting to trap you, who knows how long it will be before you can get back to it. Staying home and making plans while educating yourself about your community and the challenges there, is a good place to start. In the long run, remember only YOU really know what YOU need, and Your home and local area is the best place to start.

So we gave it a shot, seeking to get us on the same page, but found out the hard way, that only one option for a world with billions of People is not enough. So after rethinking our position, we've come back to continue to educate, while now seeking out all the ways we can to resist and point out what companies to boycott, and actions already waiting for your participation. To this end we encourage you to give us a heads up if you are involved in something that is working to bring back common sense and common law, for as long as there is no harm, injury or loss...well no real crime has been committed and we can get back to living our lives without interference.

We outnumber the few in power, who are said to be the "1%", by a very great margin, but due to our life long indoctrination, begining with the "Religion" our family submits to, 15 years or more of "School", the privately owned major media companies and "Politics", the majority of us don't really understand the truth of our predicament. We simply believe what is blasted on the air waves, keep our heads down, and try to work hard enough to take care of our children and families.

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Well, we've been had, and there is not a whole lot of time left to turn things around. There are only a few things all of us need: Clean Water, Clean Air, Healthy Food, Self Sustaining Communities, and Love. We must Love Ourselves enough to understand that each of us is part of a much larger picture, that of "Life", which comes from the Creator, and runs through all of our veins, as well as everything around us. If we do not Honor this Life, we WILL LOSE IT! And we will also forfeit the future of Our Children to total debt slavery and debauchery.

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So it is time to take off our blinders and look at the power of some notable "Strike's" throughout history. The violence did not come from the People, but always, and all ways, from the controllers, who prefer to be called "elite". Well if they mean evil, lying, inbred, traitorous eugenicists, they're right.

These few misguided souls have been at it for so long they and we are now in the end stages ... will they completely win and control our every thought, word and deed, as well as our money, which will be at their fingertips if we allow a cashless society? Or will WE UNITE and Rise in our own defense?

Knowledge is Power, so please take the time to check out the links below and think for yourself. Who will take care of your family if you don't? What kind of future will we have if we continue to obey those who put profit above the very beings who create it? What kind of future will we have with uncontrolled capitalism, running rampant over ecosystems and Life? And what can WE DO? Learn from sources outside mainstream, use the internet while we can, and Unite! Check out our guest list for action and info as well.

Step out of your uniform and into YOUR LIFE!

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