Saturday 21 July 2018
United We Strike
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What They Do: Cargill is the largest private company in the US, a multinational corporation that involves trading, purchasing and distributing seed grain, malt barley (for beer) and other agricultural commodities such as palm oil, cotton, sugar, and cocoa. It produces food ingredients such as sweeteners, oils and shortenings for processed foods and industrial use. Cargill also is involved in trading in energy steel and transport and the raising of livestock and production of feed. It also operates a large financial services arm. In India, Cargill Foods India process, refines and markets indigenous and imported edible oils, fats and blends for the retail, food service sector and beverage industry.

Cargill Sugar trades raw sugar in bulk, white sugar in bags or containers, and ethanol. It originates sugar from the world's leading sugar producing countries, including Brazil, where it co-owns and operates a major sugar export terminal. It ships and distributes sugar through offices in China, Russa and other countries.

What They Produce: Wheat, corn, rice and soy glutens and flours, sorghum syrups, high fructose corn syrups, dry and liquid sugars, textured flours, oils and soy proteins, lecithins, malt, proteins, starches & derivatives, texturizers and emulsifiers, purified and coarse sea salts, sweeteners, cocoa & chocolate, fats & oils, food ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, fermented whole wheat and arachadonic acid (ARA). It also is the only producer of Alberger process salt in the US, which is used in the fast-food and prepared food industries.

Cargill also has more than 200 ethanol refineries in the US.

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Sugar and Teeth

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