Sunday 17 June 2018
United We Strike
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why?
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Our collective wish is for us as individuals to peacefully resist the system and utilize our far greater numbers to impact profit and business as usual through boycotts and strikes. We will now focus on:

How do WE protect Ourselves, Our Children, and Our World? How do WE protect Our Air, Water, Sea & Sky?

What action steps do WE take to help one another? What works, What doesn't?

Who do WE target? Why do WE target them? How do WE target them? What do WE target?
Where do We take action? And When do WE take action?

Join us the 2nd Sat of each month for our new Live Monthly Marathon Updates, for these topics, and ask questions and make comments in the chat. Find out what YOU can do as an individual, and connect with like minded People, so we can grow our numbers and actually make an impact.

Send us your ideas, introduce us to who You know who is making a difference. Instead of simply complain about what is going on, LET'S ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES, get busy, and find out solutions!!!

Tune in to hear your letters and ideas on air, because our goal is UNITY and PEACEFUL NON-COMPLIANCE, utilizing our far greater numbers, and we want to hear about Your success!


Don't Buy: ANYTHING You don't research for Yourself! Not their news, not lies about "terrorism", etc.

Don't Comply: Don't be silent, share what you learn, and refuse immoral action.
                        Step OUT of Your uniform and into Your Life!

Ask Why?: Why are you asking me to pay taxes when 63% goes to the unaccountable military industrial
                       complex who use it for undeclared wars for central banks?

Now that you've got the idea, check out our clock above and get ready to share what you've learned and done this past month to make a difference in YOUR LIFE!

And THANK YOU for tuning in and helping UWS grow....

Power to the People through Peaceful Unity - Here's to a Better Future for All!

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